Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bama STILL Sucks

A few of my friends made (in my opinion) a mistake in going to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, so this post is dedicated to them.

Being a Tennessee fan, I am obligated to have a brutal, passionate hate for 2 schools; The Alabama Crimson Tide, and The Florida Gators. The Gators, I can root for in instances like the BCS championship game where they made Ohio state look absolutely silly. However, the dire hatred for Alabama runs so deep, that if I were Catholic, I would feel the need to go to confession if I were forced to root for them in a championship game for the sole reason that they are an SEC team.

However I never have to worry about that scenario, since Alabama sucks. And the Lady Tide proved it in remarkable fashion when they faced LSU in basketball, and lost by a score of 70-27. Alabama is all of 10-19 for the season, and was 0-12 in the SEC.

In the first half, Alabama stayed in line for 5 minutes befire the Tigers began a 33-3 run on the Tide. After that it was all over but the crying. Bama's scores by the half were 12 and 15. Bama's shooting during the game was 8-47, and only 2-12 for 3 pointers. The only thing they shot well were free throws,where they were 9-10.

Other "great" moments in Alabama sports:
Auburn - 81, Alabama (M) - 57
Arkansas - 88, Alabama(M) - 61
Tennessee - 72, Alabama (W) - 36
South Carolina - 95, Alabama (W) - 35
Heck, The whole 2006 Alabama Women's Season!!
Vanderbilt - 78, Alabama - 0 (1906)
Florida - 35, Alabama - 0 (1991)
Louisville - 34, Alabama - 7 (Fiesta Bowl, 1991
Tennessee -41, Alabama - 14 (1995)
Arkansas - 42, Alabama - 6 (1998)
Virginia Tech - 38, Alabama - 7 (Music City Bowl, 1998)