Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's The Jimmah's!

Blogmeister is hosting their first ever Jimmah Awards. The nominations are open for 2 more weeks, so throw the names in of who you feel should be nominated for these categories:

1. Worst anti-Semite
2. Worst American anti-American
3. Worst Foreign anti-American
4. Biggest Hypocrite
5. Most Willing to Ignore Reality
6. Most Willing to Embrace Dhimmitude
7. Lifetime Achievement in Moonbattery

I would like to throw in my nominations.

Worst anti-Semite: Mamoud Ahmadinejhad, for "Israel will be wiped off the map," "Death to Israel," blah blah blah.

Worst American anti-American: Rev. Fred Phelps, for organizing protests stating that the death U.S. Troops have been God's punishment for things happening in the United States.

Worst Foreign anti-American: Hugo Chavez. Anyone who has the nerve to come to America and spit in our face deserves this award.

Biggest Hypocrite: John Edwards, for campaigning he is "helping the little" people while making riches as one of the many trial lawyers who have been raising health care costs.

Most Willing to Ignore Reality: AARP, for not waking up to the fact that Social Security is going to die soon.

Most Willing to Embrace Dhimmitude: Great Britain. With the Radicalised Muslim population growing in Britain it's only a matter of time.

Lifetime Achievement in Moonbattery (2):
Amanda Marcotte, for "F#$%^ BUSHCO!!" and Arianna Huffington, for the Huffington Post.