Monday, February 05, 2007

Newsweek Busts Inconvenient Kyoto Truths

Newsweek writer George Will has dropped a massive bombshell on Global Warming alarmists, stating not only that ratification of the bill was blocked 95-0 in December 1997, but that John Kerry and Barbra Boxer were two of the "Nay" votes.
The Senate warned against any agreement that would require significant reductions of greenhouse-gas emissions in the United States and other developed nations without mandating "specific scheduled commitments" on the part of the 129 "developing" countries, which include China, India, Brazil and South Korea—the second, fourth, 10th and 11th largest economies. Nothing Americans can do to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions will make a significant impact on the global climate while every 10 days China fires up a coal-fueled generating plant big enough to power San Diego. China will construct 2,200 new coal plants by 2030.

Not only that but Kyoto mandates that countries reduce their greenhouse emissions by 5.2%. The United States without the treaty is on pace to reduce their "carbon intensity" by 18% by 2012. China is intentionally increasing their greenhouse gas emissions, and will be the largest Greenhouse emitter within the next 2 or 3 years.
"Was life better when ice a mile thick covered Chicago? Was it worse when Greenland's shore was warm enough for the Vikings to farm there? Are we sure the climate at this particular moment is exactly right, and that it must be preserved, no matter the cost?"
Newsweek Commenter J Sprinkle says;
"After moving to Minnesota from Georgia I've changed my mind: I'm now in favor of global warming."

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