Monday, September 17, 2007

How Is This Possible?

I still can't figure out how Southern Cal is still number one. They've played 2 teams and have scored a total of 87 points while allowing 41 points.

OK, they doubled their opponents scores. Woohoo. But let's look at Number 2 LSU. They are 3-0 and have scored 137 points, and have given up a total of 7 points. One touchdown. And that came from formerly #9 Virginia Tech. They have scored almost 20 times more than their opponents.

Southern Cal gave up 31 points to number 14 Nebraska.

Then there's Florida. Florida is 3-0 and has scored 167 points and given up only 54 points, but they are #3.

Seriously, ESPN, AP, USA much can Southern Cal suck before you realize they aren't that good? The rest of America has already realized it. I can't wait for LSU vs Southern Cal. That game will be as one sided as when Florida schooled Ohio State.