Sunday, January 13, 2008

D.I.Y. Despair

I love The site has the most amazingly funny demotivators. But the best part? A Do It Yourself Demotivator!

I was looking into politics (big surprise huh?) and thought, "I want to make one about my new favorite target to shoot flak at;"
The "I'm not the conservative you think I am" candidate from Arkansas, Mike Huckabee.

But alas, when I found the perfect picture, I drew a big blank!

So my task to you is this;
Give me a word, and a demotivator for the following picture. I will hold the contest until Wed. Jan 23rd, and should have the poster up by the next day.

I (and possibly my panel of judges) will select the winner, at which point, I will make the demotivator, and post it as a sticky post until Super Tuesday (Feb 5th), or beyond!

Here's my example:
RHINO - Not just a big gray animal.

ENTRIES SO FAR (not in the comments):

"PROPAGANDA - What lies behind us and lies before us are small matters compared to what lies right to our faces."

Mr. Right;
"CLEMENCY - Because murderous thugs deserve another chance to kill."
"I *Heart* HUCKABEE... Not!"
"HUCK - Sometimes rhyming words aren't just a coincidence, they're a warning!"

Jason Slagle (Mmmm Pizza!!)
QUIXOTIC - Just because your pursuit is hopelessly futile, doesn't mean your objective is noble.

Slumbering Behemoth (MAJOR thanks for the spinoff link from LGF!!!);
PRESIDENTIAL PARDONS - Because 1,033 violent & free criminals is just not enough

And although they're not related to the Huckster, these are really funny. H/T to RFTR for them.

This contest wouldn't be much of a success if it weren't for Harvey of Bad Example/IMAO and the links he gave from IMAO. So if you have time, be sure to visit his blog!

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