Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Finally Got Around To It

So I joined the Blogger Lose-A-Thon, but procrastinated/didn't have an accurate scale to weigh myself on until now.

While in Atlanta for a week and a half there was no scale to be weighed on, and at my parents the only scale there bounces between 56 and 105....neither of which are my weight. So finally after playing racquetball with my room mate I weiged in.

147 Pounds

That's about what I figured. And being 5'6" that puts my BMI at about the 23.5% range which the 147 pounds doesn't sound like much until you see that at 25% you're considered overweight, which for my size is at 155 pounds. So my goal is to get off my tail and get down to about 140, preferably 135 for the end of the contest in June.

I know I'm not going to win, and I know Wyatt and everyone is going to be seething at me for being so small, but....

Oh well.