Monday, March 20, 2006

GOP and College Caption Contest

So here are the winners of the GOP and College "Dangerous Caption Contest."

- Tar Heel Fan

- Flip

- Glenn Norberg

7. Fox News is lambasted for its response to the infamous "X" over Dick Cheney's face... - Damian G.

6. "Why is everyone staring at me? Is my Freudian slip showing?" - Flip

- The Man

- Dempsey

3. Senator Stabenow quickly regretted starring in C-SPAN's "Pop-Up Videos." - Wyatt Earp

2. No, I'm sorry, "Who is Ted Kennedy?" was the answer we were looking for. - GOP and College

And the Winner:

1. Sen. Stabenow's entry in the Carnival of Irony. - fmragtops

Again, thanks to everyone who participated, as well as a thank you to my judges.

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Other Photoshopped Entries:

- Jared Sherwood

- Sgt Sumner

- Anonymous

- Mike's Noise

- Tom Lopez

- James Draper

- Jean Sember

- Frank Turk

- Frank Turk

- heldmyw

- Rodney Dill

- The Man

- The Man

- Strait Talk

"Missing a letter is nothing to lose your head over, its not like its the Koran." - Rodney Dill

- Pillage Idiot

- Robert Reed

- Jean Sember

- Anonymous

- s330ci

- s330ci

- John Roper

- Plains Feeder

- Right Views

- heldmyw

- Slapstick Politics

- Slapstick Politics

- Spazzmomma

- GManRocker

*NOTE* I think this is the first time I have seen more photoshop entries than actual captions in a contest.

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A big thanks to Michelle Malkin for finding this gem, and linking to my contest. You REALLY rock girl!

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