Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Judgment Day

Today's the day folks. The first Tuesday in November, a.k.a, Election Day. I had cast my vote early since in TN we're allowed to do that. I voted for Bush, obviously, and although it was partly along party lines, I also voted for him simply because in my opinion he actually tells people what he's going to do. Kerry would always say, "I have a plan," but then he wouldn't explain his "plan." Bush gives you his plan, gives you his honest opinion, and he gives you his military/health/tax documents when you ask for them.
Tonight will be full of anxious waiting to see the count of votes, and hopefully watch Kerry give his concession speech on TV. This is the day that may change the country for the next 4 years. In my opinion, America will be better off if Bush is elected. And although I will be upset if Kerry wins, I will be a man and declare him the winner. (and not take the election to court *cough* Kerry *cough*)
As I stated in a previous post, Bush has the ball and is going down the field. Will he make end zone?