Monday, September 12, 2005

Even After A Terrorist Video...LA Is Still In The Dark

Well, for a time today, it was true. LA had a major blackout that when it happened, made some people think that it was terrorist related due mainly because of an Orange County Whacko that decided to issue a tape for Al Queda.

Some people have stated that it was Adam Gadahn, but after seeing this picture earlier, I am convinced that it is Kanye West, only he's donned his reading glasses since this is something he actually wants to read from the cue cards, and has pulled a Michael Jackson with white make-up.

And in another wild idea that I had, I decided to beat out the Libs to it and say that since Bush is apparently racist, the blackout was cause to further put down the Black people...and the culprit to this? The Man.

Black communities

Blackout Coverage

In all seriousness, Yahoo News reports that it was a wire mix up that caused a power surge. From there one power station shut down, making the others pick up the slack, they overloaded, and so on and so forth, similar to the great New York Blackout of 2003.