Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In The News

Well, Judge Rehnquist has passed away. He saw it coming, but he stayed in office as long as he possibly could. He spent over 30 years in the Supreme Court. John Roberts is going to be nominated for the position, and of course the left is going crazy about the fact. They are acting as though he is already sitting there in the court right now. He's only NOMINATED, he has to be accepted as the Chief Justice before he can take the spot. Also Sandra Day O'Connor has already stepped down, so Bush will have the opportunity to replace 2 judges as opposed to the one. Expect the Liberals to be in an uproar about how this will "Tip the balance" in the courts. Well, to the victor go the spoils.

More bad news for the New Orleans people. Despite the fact that the mayor ordered people to leave before the storm arrived, and still refuse to leave. He has started to get serious. He has told police and other emergency people to stop giving people fresh food and water. His ideology is that if you don't give people the things they need to survive, then they will eventually have to leave the city. And now, he has ordered that emergency personnel force people out of the city. However even despite the seriousness of the situation, some people still don't want to leave their homes.
"They included Dennis Rizzuto, 38, who said he had plenty of water, food to last a month and a generator powering his home. He and his family were offered a boat ride to safety, but he declined.
"They're going to have to drag me," Rizzuto said."

I've heard that initially with the Mandatory Evacuation, people were given the opportunity to stay, but they had to sign a sheet that essentially said they understood that they are likely to not survive. Is this true? Either post it or e-mail it to me if you could.