Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Real Reason For Katrina...

It's official...BlameBush! has discovered the brutal truth behind Hurricane Katrina. And who is to blame? You guessed it. G.W. Check out the site to see what all Bush is to blame for.
In an e-mail to me...
"Isn't it obvious? It was his simple refusal to ratify Kyoto and allow France to regulate our industry that caused Katrina!"

And behold the exclusive images Larry uncovered.
"You go, Ma!!" replied her son, Spc. Casey Sheehan, whose spirit Cindy now channels through a sock puppet on her right hand.

Also it slipped past my mind! GOP and College is now over 1 year old! And how nifty is it that my true 21st is coming up here in a couple days? So from the date of inception to the end of the first year this site received just about 3,300 hits, from 2,000.

*Please don't take this post or anything on Larry's site too seriously...if you can't tell by the sock puppet thing.*