Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hot Wing Conspiracy Week 7

Well, I've slipped up as a coach. 3 bad calls on my part cost me a victory, and a 102 point game. I ended up putting in the wrong kicker, the wrong defense and I went against my gut feeling and kept Chris Chambers on the bench. If any one of those decisions had been reversed I wouldn't be kicking myself in the butt this week, and I'd still be in 2nd place. Tory Holt, my most consistent player was out this week but that wasn't announced until Saturday, the day after Chambers got 88 yards and a score for 10 points. Then when Bryant went with a non-existent week, that left me with 2 goose eggs and you can't win much with that. I ended up losing by exactly the spread that Yahoo! had done...7 points. Muse 77, Rednecks 70...Crap. Well, as my smack said, "3rd place is still on the podium." I'm only 8 points back from 2nd though.

Nail Biter Of The Week:
T(v)RWC Giants - 61
bRight & Early - 60

OK OK, I was wrong on the Payton Manning prediction, but they still whooped up on the Texans, just they did it with Edgarrin James instead. I will say thank goodness for Trent Dilfur having as bad of a game as Dante Culpepper is having a season, otherwise I would have looked like a buffoon...Well, not really, either way, Eli or Payton he would have lost if Dilfur wasn't in the red. 3 picks and 4 sacks. Ouch.

Slaughtering Of The Week:
Bentley Fonzworth - 74
Shortbus All-Stars - 25

Wow, talk about a whooping I knew this game was gonna be big. And wow, it wasn't too far off from my 75-20 prediction. Sorry All-Stars, can't say you ever had a prayer. When one person scores more than your whole team (L. Jordan, 26 pts), that sucks.

Continued Beating:
The Gunfighters - 70
The Blue Balls - 59

My brother continues to just get beat like a drum ever since he played me and I stole all his confidence. He's lost to me, a team with 3 empty slots, the last place team, and now to the 2nd highest scoring team. He hasn't lost by much, (3, 7, 8, and 11) but he still has lost 4 in a row and is still falling back. It's unfortunate that he plays THE highest scoring team this coming week. That sucks.

False Hopes:
RFTR - 61
webcats - 52

The cats held a 1 point lead going into last night's game, and I was hoping that it would hold out since the Jets receivers hadn't done very well, but apparently they did good enough to win. RFTR is looking like the Colts of our league. Who can stop him? Well, he plays The Gunfighters this week, so look for a possible brick wall to be set in front of him.

And now a check of the standings.

Rednecks to 3rd
Shortbus to 10th

Muse to 2nd
bRight to 9th

As you can see not much shuffling today as there was only one upset. Shortbus only fell because he is now the lowest scoring team in the league.

Yahoo! Provided Vegas Lines (MY predictions will be up tomorrow morning)

Shortbus - 16 - Rednecks (Shortbus hasn''t updated a bye slot)
Bentley - 7 - Blue Balls
Gunfighters - 3 - RFTR
webcats - 4 - bRight & Early
T(v)RWC Giants - 12 - The Muse(Muse hasn't updated a bye slot)