Monday, October 31, 2005

Now That's Interesting...

After watching Brett Favre get demolished by the Cincinnati Bangles yesterday and watching helplessly as (benched) Jake "The Snake" Plummer tore the Eagles apart, I was a bit uneasy, and was worried about my team, because after all I didn't want to lose to the last placed team, and the projected scores actually had them up on me by 2 points (59-57). But if there's one thing I need to have already learned from this league, is that those scores don't mean SQUAT! Shortbus hasn't even gotten half of the projected points with only 2 players left to play. And I on the other hand have picked up his slack. Even with Favre getting -1 points, and Philly getting -3, I still managed 78 points. Mostly on the back of Antonio Gates with his 145 receiving yards and 3 TD's.

It upsets me though because for the second week in a row, I missed out on an over 100 point game. If I had Jake in, I would have ended up with 107 points . But either way I'm happy. I'm up 78-24 right now

And now a glimpse of the rest of the league:
Talk about a week of upsets. Last week, I was the only top 5 team to be beat, this week, Gunfighters and I are the only ones not to have lost. Here's a quick look around.

Blue Balls put a smack down on Bentley, and actually went the complete reverse of my prediction. Right now he's up 78-49 and still has a running back left to play. Bentley however is done for the week. All's left to do is take a knee and go to the lockers.

RFTR is looking like a loss is around the corner. Down by 26 with just Pittsburgh's D, and Miller left to play. It can be overcome, but it's not likely. Gunfighters are finished for the week, and hold the lead 74-48. Hooray! Puts me 1 game behind and I believe I'll be ahead in points

Webcats beat bRight & Early like I said they would. bRight is done for the week, and webcats still have their tight end to play. This one's another take a knee and get to the locker room. Webcats are up right now 60-52

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot. Muse is getting a BEAT DOWN! After beating me by only 7 points last week, and leaving me with a 2nd loss and a broken heart, it's goot to see muse down to the Giants 85-34 with only Jamal Lewis left to play. Hey Muse...2nd Place, HERE I COME! I am concerned though since I play the Giants next week and their QB, Eli Manning facing the horrible 49ers, and Detroits defense facing the wretched Vikings.

Well, that' s the Monday morning look at the scores. Check tomorrow for final scores and Yahoo! provided Vegas Lines. Then as usual, Wednesday I will be up looking at the matchups and giving my personal predictions