Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Week 8 Predictions

Whooping Of The Week:
Me vs the All-Stars, I don't even have to say anything. This is bound to be a whooping. Even though Tory Holt shows no points, I've still got a 16 point lead. Rednecks 70-30

Loss 5 In A Row:
Blue Balls won't be able to overcome Bentley, plain and simple. Bentley's had some tough losses, including an 83-93 loss to me, but this won't be one. Tampa's defense is way underrated so expect a decent margin. With an average score of almost 77 points per game, it's easy to say Bentley 75-55

First Loss Of The Season:
That's right folk, GOP and College and even RFTR admit that 7 was the magic number where the undefeated line stops. Even though RFTR has some good matches..."I think my undefeated streak will be over. Luckily, you lost this weekend, so even if I lose I'll remain in first place. Suh-weet." - RFTR Gunfighters win it 80-77 My advise to RFTR - Start looking to prepare against Bentley next week. 2nd place may be calling your name.

Battle Of The Losers:
bRight and the webcats face off in a matchup of the 8 and 9 teams. Looks like the cats have the better matchups, so I'm going with them, 50-45

Hopeful Loss:
I'm hoping that Muse will forget that the Colts are a bye this week since he still has Edgarrin James as one of his starting backs. If that's the case, it may be a short week at 2nd place for Muse. And just looking at Muse's stats, they don't have really stellar players, but somehow they score just enough points (Average MOV 8 pts). I'm gonna go with the Giants, 65-50.

And one thing I noticed. If RFTR were in the Bowl Championship Series, he'd prolly be about 4th, even though he's undefeated. Just looking at their schedule screams push-over. In 13 weeks 8 of the games are vs the last 4 placed teams. He only plays the 2 highest scoring teams once, and I had my chance and lost it by well, a bunch. The toughest team he plays twice is Muse, and won the last one by only 4 points. As of now here's the rest of his season

I on the other hand feel like Tennessee in the SEC. I beat the two highest scoring teams, and only lost to the #1 and 2 teams, and get to play the highest scoring teams AGAIN late in the season. Oh well, at least if Righty stays in the top spot he faces either Bentley or Gunfighters in the 2nd round of the playoffs, where as I would face Giants, then Muse to get to the championship game. Here is my schedule.