Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Death Penalty Defense

I posted a while back about how there was a "Hypocrite" fish sold on the Washington State Democrat webpage. The reasoning behind the sticker that the Dems gave was that they figured it was aimed at people who are pro-life, but support the death penalty. Those two subjects are COMPLETELY different. Let's compare the two, starting with the Pro Life people.

1) Pro-Life is a strictly abortion related term, meaning that you are against the forceful removal and termination of a fetus from within the womb, prior to natural birth. Now I myself do believe that there are some instances where it should be allowed. The classical rape, incest, and extreme life endangering circumstances. I however believe that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should abortion be used in these manners:
1) Partial Birth
2) Late in pregnancy
3) As a form of birth control, or when you just "Don't want a kid."

I also believe that the government should not pay for abortions. I don't care if a state allows them (which I feel it should be a state issue, not national), I just don't want my tax dollars to pay for it.

The only thing that a fetus has done is to have been conceived. MOST of the time, it is from concentual sex where the two people decided to risk it and go without some form birth control (or least use an unreliable one, ie. the joke "What do you call people who use the rhythm method? Parents.") My philosophy has always been that you are responsible for your actions. Most Planned Parenthood and other places like that have FREE condoms and birth control pills available, there is NO EXCUSE. Or if you can't get to those places, here's the best idea, DON'T HAVE SEX. And if you willingly toss aside the opportunity to prevent pregnancy, then I feel like you should accept what has arrived, or will arrive for that matter.

OK, now the death penalty:
As I said above, all a fetus has ever done was to be conceived. When you are put to death you have physically (and most often brutally) killed one or more people before you were caught. You took some one else's life into your own hands, and ended it. And for reference even in the case of Tookie Williams as I said, I would not stop it. As said above, You should face the consequences of your actions.

That is why abortion and the death penalty are TOTALLY different concepts. And if the liberals out there still can't see the gap, then let me put it this way. If I'm a hypocrite for allowing a fetus to be born, and grow up into an adult, but ending the life of a criminal who murdered people, then what about all the pro-choice/anti-death penalty liberals? Doesn't that make YOU a hypocrite for allowing a murderer to live, but killing a fetus, just because it's mom didn't use common sense?