Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dual Post

As the title says, this is a dual post, with the winnerfor the "What Doa Ya Say" Caption Contest Winners, then a little blurb about the Final Whooping...I mean match in the HWC league.

So here's the top 5 in the contest:
5) "I'm a Jack-Ass!" - GOP and College
4) "Stuck On Stooopid" The Man
3) "I am a complete moron" - Viking Spirit

Delta Mike Charlie

And the winner:
"You can't spell funny without F.U.N.Y." - Wyatt Earp

And now that Wyatt finished first in the caption contest, I get to mock him for the whooping the Rednecks put on the Gunfighters. The final score was 99-73, which was about the margin that I predicted. I could dote about how Wyatt hasn't been beat like that since the X-men got stomped 5-1 (which he missed), or my 114-60 thrashing back in week 11, but I can't do that. He played good playes, just his players didn't play as good as mine did. I definitely had a lucky day, but it was when I needed it.

Also to wrap up Bentley's Game, he won 66-59 to take 3rd place over the Giants.

So as a final token to this year's HWC, here are the final rankings, with win-loss (including playoffs), and points.
1) Pulaski Rednecks (11-4, 1251 pts)
2) The Gunfighters(10-5, 1118 pts)
3) Bentley Fonzworth (7-5-2, 1141 pts)
4) T(v)RWC Giants (9-7, 994 pts)
5) The Muse (7-7-1, 841 pts)
6) RFTR (8-7, 893 pts)
*did not make playoffs*
7) The Blue Balls (5-8, 724 pts)
8) Shortbus All-Stars (5-8, 579 pts)
9) webcats (4-8-1, 684 pts)
10) bRight & Early (2-11, 622 pts)

I'm debating taking a Blogger Vacation for this week, but if big news breaks, I'll cover it.