Monday, January 09, 2006

US Troops are EEEVIL!

That's why they took in an Iraqi infant with Spina Bifida and are in the process of giving the baby $200,000 worth of surgery to fix the problem. The infant was discovered in Abu Ghraib (the city, not the prison) by US troops who saw that the baby was paralyzed and had what they thought was a tumor on her back. The baby, her father and her mother flew into the Atlanta Airport on New Year's Eve, and the surgeries began today. Source - Yahoo!

Also, 4 Iraqi children have life-saving Heart Surgery, thanks to the US military. - Yahoo! (Again)

*Side Note* Well, crap. I missed out on the event by two nights. I drove down to Atlanta to surprise my girlfriend at the airport, along with her dad on the 29th. Oh well.