Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Welcome Back!

GOP and College is back from celebrating CHRISTMAS and New Year's, and I've got a little snippet I found just the other day about the "Bridge to nowhere." I got into a political discussion this past weekend about Government Pork, and the bridge came up, and the real facts for its existence came through to my attention. It's not just that 50 people live on the island, but the fact that that area has no flat land, except on that island. So what needs a large amount of flat land in a place like that? The only airport that can bring tourists and freight to that area. The area is frequented by tourists due to it's spectacular natural beauty, as well as for being a launching point for many Alaskan Cruises. An estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 travelers would be expected after the bridges construction. After those passengers get there, instead of driving to land or taking a cab, the passengers and cargo have to take expensive ferry boats to get across to the mainland.

My first thought on the subject is that the Representatives from Alaska should have explained the bridge's purpose better.

Second is my solution to the problem. Build the bridge, and make it a toll bridge with a charge of say 50 cents per pass (as opposed to the $5.00 ferry ride, and an additional $6.00 to take a car across). Atlanta built the famous Highway 400 (a.k.a. Atlanta Autobahn) and it paid itself off in less than one year, due to the immense traffic that took the road. Now, even though the bridge would probably not pay for itself that fast, it eventually would, and then would start generating an income for the town.

So there's my final thought on the "Bridge to Nowhere" Build it to bring more people to see the untouched beauty of Alaska. And as for the politicians; Learn how to explain the real reason for wanting something done.

*Side note*
"Conservatives believe that the individual is foolish while the species is wise." Umm, whoever said this is sadly mistaken. Liberals feel like the individual is foolish, and needs the government to think for them. Conservatives believe that the person is inherently smart, and can take care of his/herself.