Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Democrats Already Pointing Fingers

Wichita Eagle has a post about how Democrats are already starting to point fingers in case they lose in 2006 and/or 2008. They describe a Washington Post Op-Ed that picks the likely scape-goats, Hillary, Slick Willy, Lieberman, Gore, Kerry, Dean, and so on.

Very funny to read.

Which brings me to a thought. There is the possiblity that Conservatives will lose in the '06 and/or '08 elections. But the thing is that I don't want ANY conservative bloggers to turn into the spiteful, find/make-up-everything-we-can smearing moonbats that far left liberals became after the 2000 election.

If we lose, I don't want to hear any sites complaining about "IT WAS STOLEN!" (Unless of course we find say 92,000 dead people voting in some place like FL or OH)

I don't want Conservatives to decide to make everything a partisan issue. I want Conservatives to be known as "The group that would sacrifice an election to save the country." Not the other way around. If they are doing a good job, then SUPPORT THEM.

Conservatives need to prove that we are better than the Venom-Spitting Liberals who smear, just because they lost. We are better than that, and we can prove it. And when we do, people will see that, and they will listen more to what we have to say.