Monday, February 27, 2006

My Apologies

I've been EXTREMELY busy lately. Work has kept me honestly away from my desk, all but 15 minutes of each day, and on top of that I've just been running around at home.

Things I've been up to:
Hot Wing Conspiracy Baseball
4th Annual Winterfest at Winchester Speedway (TN)
Back up at school for a couple days taking applications for the NEXT Co-op
TTU Basketball (which was broadcast on ESPN-U)
Seeing the GOP and College-ette (My girlfriend)
Friends having babies (Yeah...I'm getting to that age)
Trying to get everything in line for returning to school
Watching NASCAR and NHRA Powerade Drag Racing Events on TV

But believe me, I've been wanting to post. Here's one thing that I will post on. As you know, the Partial Birth Abortion issue is up for grabs in the Supreme Court. Now, the ban was denied, 5-4 on a swing vote from Sandra Day O'Connor, ONLY on the basis that there was no stipulation for the mother's health. Now the new bill has that stipulation, AND the added testimony of doctor's stating that Partial Births have NEVER been used to preserve the health of the mother.
I honestly hope that this issue goes very one sided. 7-2, or 8-1 would be nice. I know that if this goes 5-4 liberals EVERYWHERE will decide that it will be their new soap-box to perch from.

Keep looking here at GOP and College, as I am due for a Page 16 News soon. And actually, you might be surprised at what the News ISN'T covering these days.