Tuesday, March 28, 2006

GOP and College Caption Contest No. 5

And now for the winners of the "Not-So Warm and Fuzzy Caption Contest.
Source - AP (via Yahoo!)

10) When it was realized that ALF was an acronym for "Alien" Life Form, INS quickly moved in. - Wyatt

9) "You shove me in that wagon and I'll show you why they call me "South-Paw!" - GOP and College

8) Look out, Sgt, that ain't no Vermont Teddy Bear! - Maggie

7) Rex Grossman was arrested over the weekend while protesting the Chicago Bear's signing of Brian Griese. - fmragtops

6) Officer Stadanko finally went to far with Tenderheart Bear - Sgt. Fluffy, aka GR Motel (Extra kudos for the name!)

5) The Cindy Sheehan no shaving/no bathing protest continues, Film at 11:00. - Rodney Dill

4) "Nothing Like A Bear Claw And A Cup Of Coffee For Breakfast." - Radio Free Fred

3) Pigs - 1, Bears - 0 - fmragtops

2) EWWWWW!... Damn, buddy... I thought you guys only did that in the woods? - Harvey

And the winner:

"Yogi arrested! Confesses addiction to stealing pic-a-nic baskets" - Chris

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