Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Page 16 News 3-1-06

It's been a long while since the last issue of Page 16 News, but as I said last night, there are some things that definitely need to be reported, that the MSM just hasn't been covering.

First off is some extremely large scale bias by CBS in "reporting" that Bush has an "all time low" approval rating of 34%...among a poll crowd that was 40% Democrat, 33% independent, and only 26% Republican! Out of 1018 people polled, 409 were Democrats, 333 were Independents, and only 272 were registered as Republican. And even weighted, the Democrats had almost a 10% lead over both Independents and Republicans. Hardly fair if you ask me.

Not only did they hide the weighting bias, but they also failed to mention that 76% of people understood that the Cheney gun incident could happen, and 66% said that the media spent too much time on it. On top of that, the cartoon issue came up, and 32% stated that publishing the cartoons was justified (compared to 27% not justified) and the reaction from the Muslim Violence gets a 56% UN-justified rating.

Hat Tip: News Busters

And now since I'm sick of hearing about the 118 people that Islamo-extremists have killed, Let's look into the good news Centcom reports:
Seven insurgents captured in Kirkuk
Iraqi Forces take responsibility of battle space in Central Baghdad
Iraqi Forces add over 1,000 more men to their ranks
An Iraqi Army Division, and 1st BCT conduct a combined Community Health Outreach Program
Not to mention all the weapons caches found in just the past week. Including this MONSTER cache found in Quratiyah.

And finally (WOW! A 3 article Page 16 News?) again from News Busters, Where is the media reporting on the Iraqi Minister threatening to arrest any reporters who insight violence?

"After verification on the ground, 119 civilians were killed since Wednesday, not 183 as reported in the media. The government calls on them (media) to assume full responsibility and play a role in reinforcing unity and to reject anything promoting violence or sedition.
...We will take disciplinary action against any publication inciting violence or terrorism and its journalists will be arrested." - Saadun Al Dulaimi

I'm glad to see that someone there in the Middle East is actually growing a spine, and standing up to the Islamo-terrorists.

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