Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I love local racing Friday night racing at Music City Motorplex...I love ARCA/Remax and Busch racing, and dangit...I LOVE it when the Nashville Predators kick the crap out of the Detroit Redwings!

Friday night was pretty fun. It was the season opener for the Motorplex, and there was a HUGE crowd there. Why? Kevin Harvick was there. And you better believe I was there with my camera. And I got this AWESOME picture of when he was signing autographs. I'm thinking of sending it to KHI for them. I also got some great shots of the racing action.

Then, the next day, I got to watch the ARCA/Remax series and NASCAR Busch guys (and girls) race at the Nashville Super Speedway. I got some REALLY good pictures there too. A couple times though I took the picture a split second too early. There was one incident where a driver spun backed into the wall, and then dropped down the track only to get nailed by another car. I took the shot when the car was on the way down the track, about half a second before the big hit.

Then last night, I went with a friend of mine and her husband to the last home game of the season for the Nashville Predators, against the Detroit Redwings. Detroit went up 1-0 and on one shot, you could SEE the pick going in the goal, but the reviewers had like a 13 inch screen (I could see the review room from our seats) and couldn't see the puck. Preds fans were PISSED, and so was I. But the team made up for it scoring 4 goals in the second period. 3 of them were within about 5 minutes of each other. And they won 6-3. Detroit got 2 unwarranted goals there at the end of the 3rd period, but the game wasn't as close as the score seemed.

OH! And I REALLY wish I had brought my camera. There was one point in I think the 1st Period where Jordin Tootoo came on the ice, and was just looking to hit someone. AND HE DID! He full out leveled the guy in the Detroit zone. It was BEAUTIFUL! Oh, and Kariya got a HAT TRICK! I can't remember if I've ever seen one before that, but I know I have now! That game was AWESOME!