Thursday, April 13, 2006

GOP and College Caption Contest 8

Sorry for the delay (I've been busy sports-wise. More on that later!), but here are the top 10 entries in the Happy Pappy Caption Contest.

10) OWW! This cranial floss is painful!! – Peakah
9) Hey, Kobe, I’m open! – Rodney Dill
8) I found the golden ticket! I get a tour of the Dewars factory! – Chris A
7) *Jumping* Heh heh heh! Free tequila! Free tequila! – GOP and College
6) Careful with that case of Chevas Regal! CAREFUL!!! Don't
Drop...Nooooo! That was a gift from Jacques Chirac! Now I'll actually
have to buy my drinks with my OWN money! – PCD
5) I knew I shouldn’t have taken all that immodium – fmragtops
4) "And then I'm going to Ipswich ... to Waltham ... to Boston....yeee-haaaaaaaaaaa!" – Maggie
3) "So I tell the guy, Look, see that? the sleeves are obviously too short. So he says, You're a little too drunk to evaluate my workmansip. And of course I couln't really argue with him. But now I'm not nearly as drunk as I was back then, and I still say the sleeves are too short. AND IT'S ALL GEORGE W. BUSH'S FAULT!!! – Sobek
2) No green cards up the sleeves – The Man

And the winner:
Bees! Bees! Curse you, Karl Rove! – V the K

Photoshopped Entries:

"Horray for Penis!" - Private Pigg

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