Monday, April 24, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Week 3 Recap

F.M. Ragtops has it this week. And if I'm not mistaken, I think I laid claim to week 4. But anywho, I whooped up on RFTR, 9-2-1. I just wanted to return the favor of his win in our only game in the HWC football league.

"Baghdad Bombers: 9
More total domination. Led by a monster week by Big Papi, Baghdad Bombers bombed the competition like the US bombed Baghdad. I mean, look at the damn score! I can’t come up with a witty way to say it. It hurts just to look at it. And you would think Konerko, Abreu, Chavez, and Sexson could keep your head above water, but not last week." - F.M. Ragtops

This huge win vaulted me up from 13th to 9th. My goal is at the end of week 22 to be in 6th or better (playoff spot). Because I'm going for HWC Gold again!

One thing that is not noted in the recap at F.M. is the fact that the Columbia Cardinals were down I believe 8-3 coming into this weekend's games. He turned it around thgouh, and got a 7-4 victory

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