Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Can't Stand It ANYMORE!

I'm SICK and fed up with left wing moon-bats, trying to paint Iraq as a quagmire and "Bush's Vietnam!"

I'm not critisizing the author of, but I will say that it's a good bet that some anti-war activists are using this graphic to help demoralize people here in the states to think that the war is going terribly. Also what is hinted at, but is hard to find, is that the Vietnam graph has a start date of December 1961. I agree with him that using that date is correct because it was the first month of combat related casualties in Vietnam. However what I found was that in 1961, there were a mere 3,200 United States troops in Vietnam, compared to the 183,000 US troops in Iraq in the 2003 (Opens MS Excel spreadsheet). That's about 60 times the troops in Iraq, at the beginning of the war, as there were in Vietnam. Put that into perspective, and there is an average of 600 deaths per month in Vietnam when the troop levels are at 183,000 troops.

Fortunately, the guy comments about and also posts this graphic to help clear up the gross disproportioning of deaths. Of the deaths per units deployed he states:
"I’m completely aware that this comparison is not normalized for number of US troops present in each conflict. This is not a comparison of death rate per unit of troop strength, and it doesn’t claim to be."

But do liberals listen to that fact? No. They continue to tout the fact that "Iraq is unwinnable," and that we have to pull out now, and things like that. What I'm waiting for, is when that graph begins to hit mid-1965 on the Vietnam side, and the liberals no longer have any point. But even now, it shows that deaths in Iraq are beginning to be less than in Vietnam.

The war in Iraq is NOWHERE NEAR the war in Vietnam. In Vietnam, over the course of 7 years, over 58,000 people died, and over 153,000 were wounded, giving a total of over 211,000. In Iraq, there have been a total of just over 2,300 total deaths (1900 combat related) OVER 3 YEARS. That's an average of 2 deaths per day, with a peak of 4.7 per day in November of 2004. Over the entire 7 years of Vietnam, they averaged 18 deaths per day, with maximums as high as 80 per day in February and May of 1968, with only about 4 times greater deployment than Iraq. That means that there would have to be over 20 deaths per day in Iraq to meet with that ratio.

But I can't go on about how bad Vietnam was without saying that there was some good in the Vietnam war. As with Iraq, bias in the major media have caused slanted reporting that shows all the bad, and none of the good. Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network has a great bunch of stats about it, and should be read by everyone.

To put it in perspective, in order for the war in Iraq to reach 58,000 deaths, we need to be IN COMBAT there, for another 75 YEARS.

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