Monday, May 15, 2006


From Sssteve:
"Okay, now that is out of the way. Barry Bonds is the first baseball player to try for mediocrity. He had the audacity to ask MLB if they were going to stop the game and celebrate him passing Babe Ruth on the All time Homerun list. WITW? (that is the sanctified way of saying WT*? heh! stands for "what in the world"). Barry, let me get this straight, you want to stop the game and celebrate when you pass the guy that is in second place?!! What are you thinking, have you taken so much of the juice that it has infected your brain that much! I'll tell you what, from now on in Nascar, when the race is over we can send the first place driver to the winners circle, then send the 2nd place driver to the Not the Winners circle. How about that! Maybe we could give the horse that comes in 2nd in the Kentucky Derby a horseshoe of pansies! Instead of Roses like the winner! Or maybe we could, oh I don't know, have people just run for the Vice President of the US instead of President! What an idiot!"

Hahahaha! Great one.