Monday, May 15, 2006

This Might Be Ugly

This week I play Wookies Will Win in the HWC Baseball League. This is a team whose worst week was versus Akhtar The Divorcee in week 3 ( a 5-5 tie). His average week is an 8-4 win, and with Pujols as one of his starters, about all I can hope to do is contain him.

I had a good week against Sssteve, winning 8-4, and bumping over .500, and one spot to 7th. However my offense has been absolutely offensive...smelling that is. That week I had 4 guys under the Mendoza line, and a team average for the week of .247. Yuck. One thing though: It looks like my strategy of consistant starters and a platoon of pitching has given me an edge. I took all but one stat in pitching, and 3 in batting, despite my horrible week.

As a preview to this week, I'm thinking that I will take most of the pitching stats, and Wookies will more than likely walk all over me in batting. I'm guessing my 8-4 win this week will be erased by an 8-4 loss this coming week, unless Wookie gets the DL Flu.

Cake or Death has the weekly recap this week.

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