Tuesday, September 19, 2006

HWC Football Week 2 Recap

I lost at baseball, and I lost at football this week. That SUCKS!

In baseball, we covered the stats before diving into hte games, but for a look at how points are scored, check out The Man's Week One Recap, where he has it covered like the pile on a loose ball.

Let's check out the scores!

Hot Wing Chump-ion - 56
Robots Eat Babies - 60
SO CLOSE! I have lost my coaching touch. I put in Jeff Wilkins instead of Vinatieri thinking that the Colts wouldn't need him for anything more than PATS. I was wrong. Wilkins scored 9 for me, and Vinni got 14. A pivitol 5 points that would have bumped the family record to 5-2 after my loss in baseball this week. Instead, The Man is closing in on .500 at 4-3. However we'll have to wait until the Playoffs to be a possible meet, since I won't play him again in the football season.
Game MVP: Manning - 400 yards and 3 touchdowns, with only 2 sacks. He loves to kick Houston's ass.
Game Wash-Out: Wali Lundy - The Man was right, 25 yards and a fumble sucks.

Tax Dodgers - 57
bRight & Early - 54
Pops took advantage of bRight's 2 goose eggs, and even with a lack-luster performance from most of his players, a couple stars shone to push him ahead.
Game MVP: Plaxico Burress - Caught the game winning fade into the endzone in overtime.
Game Wash-Out: Matt Hasselback - The stellar QB of last season is nowhere to be found.

San Jose Arrowheads - 76
fmragtops' spewers - 43
The first of 3 games with an MOV of more than 30 points, however this game doesn't get the Blowout of the Week award. fm can still hold his head up...by 2 points. 5 Goose Eggs for fm gave him this loss. By far the most non-performing team this week, but still put up some decent numbers.
Game MVP: Baltimore's defense - 6 sacks, a safety, 3 picks, and 3 fumble recoveries, and only allowing 6 points in their romping of Oakland, giving San Jose 27 points.
Game Wash-Out: fm's spewers - fm can't help that his team sucks. I'm stuck with some of my non performers since, with 16 teams, the waiver wires are so thin.

Rose Hill Reddogs - 25
I Hate Hillary - 56
This is the second game with an MOV of more than 30, but just barely. Not much I can say about this game, Reddogs just pretty much sucked. No player got into double digit points, and each player averaging 2.5 points. Not good at all.
Game MVP: Duece McAllister - 47 rush yards and 2 scores, with an additional 15 receiving yards for 15 points.
Game Wash-Out: Mark Bulger - The rams O-line sucks and let Bulger get sacked 6 times, totaling -5 points.

Columbia CRUNCH - 55
RFTR - 43
If safety man put his time into baseball instead of football he might be playing for the championship this week, but that's another story. RFTR gambled on Big Ben, and lost. But with a backup of Gus Frerrote, he didn't really have a choice. It also doesn't help to have an inactive player as your Tight End.
Game MVP: Nate Kaeding - 4 kicks and 4 Pats, giving him 17 points
Game Wash-Out:Ben Roethlisberger - Clearly not playing his best against the Jags last night.

The Ball Sackers - 60
webcats - 54
Wyatt is back where he belongs in football, #2. However this time it's against the Arrowheads instead of me. All joking aside, Wyatt had a star game, and it helps that without the whiny b$%^& Terrell Owens, McNabb is free to use his GOOD receivers.
Game MVP: Donovan McNabb - 350 yards with 2 touchdowns, and only one sack.
Game Washout: - Terrell Ownes - 19 yards, and a broken finger. Out 2-4 weeks, and yet, I'm not upset.

Gridiron Wookies - 60
Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc - 51
Call John butter, because he is on a ROLL. This game came down to whos players performed the best. Wookies had one goose egg, but with Wolf having 3 of them, it wasn't too hard to see who'd come out on top.
Game MVP: Jag's defense - 2 sacks and 2 picks in a shut-out win over the Steelers
Game Wash-Out: Tony Gonzalez - the number 2 TE last season only got seven yards versus the Broncos.

Gumbo - 68
Hector Vex O-Trons - 33
With an MOV of 35 points, this matchup takes the cake for the blowout of the week. Vex O-Trons seem like they are programmed to lose. Even though Delhomme got -1 point, it was better than Marc Brunell's 197 yards, 1 pick, and 6 sacks for -11 points.
Game MVP: Amani Toomer - 137 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns, 18 points
Game Wash-Out: Jake Delhomme - 181 yards and 2 sacks for -1 points.

This week's matchups and teh standings will be up as soon as Blogger will actually upload the images. Look here at GOP and College tomorrow for the Week 3 preview, and next week's recap will be with John at Cake or Death