Tuesday, February 27, 2007

TP Commentors Wish Death To Cheney

A suicide bomber recently targeted VP Dick Cheney in Kabul during a bombing attack, but failed miserably. Cheney is uninjured, but it did kill 14 people, mostly civilians.

However, some (BDS suffering) commentors at Think Progress wish the story were otherwise.

"So near and yet so far with Cheney. Maybe if he stops off in Iraqnam after Afghanistan the suicide bomber there will have better luck. We can cross our fingers and hope. Or, I guess the “christians” can pray." - Mike

"Would I trade one US soldier and 22 people for Cheney?
Yes. If Cheney had a pair, he would make that trade, too.

Do I favor assassination of a sitting VP?
I favor ending Pairless Cheney’s tenure as VP; murder is not my first choice." - Pairless Ed

"Someone should send the Taliban a thank you note and a message: keep trying. Dale at #11 should realize that Cheney is the personification of evil whose policies have caused the deaths of 700,000 Iraqis, half of them under the age of 16 and it is quite doubtful if the vice president has lost any sleep over the unnecessary deaths of those thousands of innocent people." - Erroll

Well mr cheney, it appears someone may have leaked information on your afghanistan visit,maybe someone who you put your trust in.Sucks doesnt it jerk? My only hope is they have better luck next time……tick tock dick.

...Oh and mr cheney, next time bring the wife and kids. - Vance...twice

And it wouldn't be a liberal hate party if Fox News wasn't included:
"Of course. And I just had another idea, we can add the entire Fox News cast also." - AshenShard

And at least one conspiracy nut to boot:
"It’s becoming obvious that Karl Rove has hired shifts of trolls to hang out on TP threads 24/7 now. Probably does this for other progressive blogs." - Jay Randal

At least one person has a good point (but of course the voice of dissent is quickly stamped out with the same drum-beat of the anti-war left):

"Advocating for the assasination of the US government officials. I am sure there is some kind of legal infraction in there somewhere.
A pox upon both of you houses.

Hate, the truely progressive value."

At least one other person slapped the pro-assassination crowd:

“You’re right, Dale. None of those people should have had to die. It was certainly nothing to be cheerful about.”
Good for you, Chimpeach. Some of the cheering going on here for a Taliban suicide-bomber is sickening. Regardless of party, to root for an ally of Al Qaeda to kill Americans is appalling.

Malkin has more from Huffington Post, and other places.