Wednesday, November 03, 2004

ENDZONE!!!! GIVE HIM 4...More Years!

Well, they had to say it again, President Elect, George W. Bush, but this time it wasn't in Mid-December, or early January. It was a civil election, and the democratic candidate John Kerry knew he was defeated, and conceded. However I thought it was hilarious because it was just hours after John Edwards urged desperate democrats to count every vote in Ohio, even though the margin of victory was more than the total votes remaining to be counted by many thousands. I liked this because it showed how over zealous and irrational Edwards is. I mean for cryin out loud, he's an Ambulance Chasing Trial Lawyer. Can you really expect more? I respect Kerry for conceding like he did, and really and truly I feel sorry for him now because all the election the democrats and liberals were saying how great of a man he was, and how he should be the one to lead the nation. Then not even a full day after the election the entire democratic party and liberals were calling him weak,and a horrible candidate. I mean jeez people, you try to convince the nation that you're uniform and you're all sticking together...Then you do this. Seriously people, if you can't see the dissent and self collapse coming of the liberals and Democratic party, look again.