Wednesday, November 09, 2005

GOP and College's Wednesday Morning Picks

Well, I've made a nice pick-up. I dropped Engram since it's obvious that Shaun Alexander is going to carry the Seahawks, as opposed to Matt Hasselback. So I picked up a good back-up tight end, Bubba Franks to fill in my empty spot. So let's see, how do I think this game is going to go? Well, Denver is in Oakland, which gives me 3 very good matchups, as well as the Rams big passing guns are up against Seatle's moderate pass defense, and Dallas is in Philly. That bodes VERY well for me, and with the matchups that webcats has, there are good one, but they are fewer than the bad ones. Funny note though is that Tatum Bell is on webcats, and I have Mike Anderson...Hopefully Anderson will get more into the endzone. I'm going to bounce back from my tough loss last week and win 70-55.

I can't help but laugh at this next one, Blue Balls (3-6) vs RFTR (7-2). Now I would say that this is an easy prediction, but you have to realize that 2 of Blue Balls wins were against Muse (when he was good) and Bentley. It shows that Blue Balls has a lead over RFTR, but I'm going to have to vote no on that. This will be all Righty, 65-45.

bRight & better still be in that tent because the storm's not over yet. Bentley 80-45.

Uh-oh, hmm, Gunfighters and Muse, after the last 2 outings for Muse, I would say that it was going to be gunfighters all the way, but with James against the Texans that makes for a serious pounding of the ground game. Unless Houston stuffs James and tehy are forced into the air, I think Muse might take this one, 75-70.

And last but not least, Shortbus versus Giants, which the names say it all. Shortbus has 3 empty slots, but seeing the players he has as back-ups, he might as well keep them as empty. Did you ever know anyone who fell for the "If your hand is bigger than your face then you'll get cancer" bit? That'll be All-stars, getting smacked around. Giants to win the slaughtering of the week 70-25.