Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What a Shake Up

Talk about some movements in the Hot Wing Conspiracy League. Let's take a look shall we?

First off the big one, THE GIANT HAS FALLEN!
RFTR, as well as about everyone else called it, but it ALMOST didn't come true. I about jinxed it with this line in my post yesterday. "Down by 26 with just Pittsburgh's D, and Miller left to play. It can be overcome, but it's not likely." Well, 5 more points and it would have. Darn miller scored both of the pass touchdowns last night, in a HUGE total of 18 total yards...That's not a misprint. He averaged 6 yards per catch in 3 catches, but 2 of them were in the endzone. What a crock. And the defense was equally as weird. They let up 19 points, got 2 sacks, 2 picks, and a fumble. But all that only added up to 21 points instead of the required 26. I went to bed last night at the beginning of the 4th quarter thinking Gunfighters was gonna get screwed, but thatkfully not. Gunfighters held on to win, 74-69.

Biggest Whooping:
Muse (the FORMERLY 2nd place team) got their faces wiped through a pile of dog turds this week as the Giants came through like a Sox team in the World Series. Muse only scored 35 points and lost by 50. Who was the maker of the big game? The KICKER! He got 3 kicks in the red zone, 1 in the 40's, one over 50 yrds, and 3 PAT's...for a total of 21 points! In the real game he scored half of the team's 36 points! And the defense, with a shut-out, 5 sacks, 1 pick and 3 fumbles. No wonder Brunell did so bad, he was always in the dirt! Giants Whooped up 85-35

Surprise Beating:
I already posted about this shocker. The scores only changed by 3 for the Blue Balls as parker got those points. Blue Balls rocked Bentley 81-49.

webcats Win:
That's a headline in itself. Not only did they win, but they posted a season making game at 79 points. This one was over before last night, but who cares? It's always fun to run up the score. Ouch but with Culpepper out with all 3 knee ligiments torn? That's rough. I mean I've heard that just popping the ACL hurts bad enough, but all 3? That must be like trying to walk with a leg of Jell-o. Well, not that it'll matter much, Donte is...sorry, WAS still yet to get out of the negative for the season. 1564 yards, 6 TD's...but 12 picks and 31 sacks with 3 cough ups...he was at -17 points for the season. Ouch....times 2.

And Of Course...
I won over Shortbus 78-31, another whooping, but this one was kind of expected with their lack of performance.

And now a look at the standings:
With the massive loss to the Giants Muse tumbled from 2nd all the way to 5th. Even with the loss, RFTR is still on top due to the fact I lost to Muse. If I had won, I would be up on top by at least 4 points. Bentley dropped from 4th to 6th with the loss to Blue Balls (has the highest points total by 40 points and still has 3 losses and a tie to webcats...kinda looks like the Ram's Season)

Gunfighters took advantage of the win over RFTR and have slipped into 3rd 1 game behind, and 34 points ahead of me. Giants jumped up to 4th 17 points up to me (and are my favored opponent for this week) and the bottom 4 of the standings remain the same.

And now for the famous, but useless Yahoo! Vegas Lines.
*Updated Tuesday night at 10:30 PM*
Giants - 19 - Rednecks
Shortbus - 7 - Blue Balls
Bentley - 7 - RFTR (Bentley has 2 bye slots to fill)
Gunfighters - 10 - bRight & Early (Gunfighters has a bye to fill)
webcats - 1 - The Muse (Muse has a bye slot to fill)

Stay tuned tomorrow as I post up my insider report on the matchups of this week.