Monday, November 07, 2005

Hot Wing Conspiracy - Week 9

Wow, this week sucked. I lost my 3rd game of the season and will in turn drop from a probable 1st (once again) about 15 points over RFTR (7-1, about to be 7-2), but instead I will plummet back to 4th place (6-3, 566 pts) with next to no hopes of getting back up to 2nd where I long to be. My star tight end, Antonio Gates got 132 passing yards, without a touchdown. The greedy bastard LaDainian Tomlinson took every one of the Chargers 4 touchdowns. 3 were rushing, and one was a 25 yard pass (of his 46 total) on the right hand side. Any one of my players getting another score would have put me over the Giants and given me the title of Giant Killer like I claimed, but no, it was not to be.

And what is it about my brother (3-5) and losing to the last placed team? It looks like he will be at it again this week, losing to the abysmal Shortbus All-Stars (1-7, 313 points...aka last in EVERYTHING). At this morning's score update he was down 24-32 with only Marvin Harrison left to play. Shortbus on the other hand still has Adam Venetieri and Tom Brady to play. With the score already 21-7 Colts at the half, Brady will likely be going into the air a LOT. Sorry bro, but even after an amazing beating of Bentley last week, your team sucks.

Well, RFTR sucked it up as well as most everyone else in the league. As of the Monday update he was getting smashed 69-27, and even though he has Corey Dillon, Vanderjagt, and Indy's D, they've all been very unproductive so far. Dillon's only got 21 yards and a cough up, Indy's held them to 7 but only have a sack and a fumble, and Vandy's only got 3 PATs. Bentley's got Branch playing and he's got 31 yards and the Pat's only score. Looks like even though it will be his second loss, (with nothing but a push-over coming up for the rest of his season) RFTR will walk his way to 1st place in the league as we go into the playoffs in week 14.

Wow, everyone sucks this week. Even Muse (5-3), who beat me to keep me out of 1st place...Punk. Webcats look like they will walk away with their 3rd win of the HWC season. At the Monday update it's 55-15 with Muse having only James and Givens left to play. James has over 60 yards and a score, but Givens only has 40 and nothing else. 40 points looks like it will be too much for Muse to overcome and will fall back to 6th behind Bentley.

So where did all the points go? I mean there were 5 teams with under 45 points, and all but 2 were under 60. That's unheard of! So who stole all the league's points? Gunfighters (6-3) of course. The 2nd highest scoring team in the league showed us again why he's in that spot with an impressive 101-41 victory over bRight & Early (1-8) How did he get that? By riding on the back of the bastard that stole my boy's scores! That's right, Gunfighters has Tomlinson on his starting roster, and if he hadn't started, I'd have been FURIOUS! Gunfighters played his cards right and took it to the house. Unfortunately for me though, this puts Gunfighters in 2nd place with me behind by 81 points.