Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sorry For The Delay

I was busy all day at work so I didn't have time to analyze the week's matchups like I'd hoped to. But here we go!

Beating of the week:
Obviously, Shortbus has another one coming. Blue Balls are stacked. Chicago D in New Orleans, Pittsburgh in Green Bay, and theChargers facing the Jets. Shortbus on the other hand is S.O.L. Tom Brady vs. the Colts, D. Mase against the Bengals, Antowain Smith vs. Thaaa Bearsss. This is gonna be a nasty one. Blue balls with an easy 75-25 win

Loss # 2?
Could RFTR be put out again? Although RFTR has some good matchups, Indy's D vs the Pats, Carson Palmer in Baltimore and Jones in the Bayou, I just can't get over Shaun Alexander and the Seahawks being in Arizona, and Shockey in San Fran. Those two are laible to have MONSTER games. Not to Mention Jordon out in KC with a predicted 125 yards and a score. I'm going with Bentley on this one, 80-75 (and hopefully RFTR giving me back my crown)

The Other Whooping:
Gunfighters and bRight & Early...If I were bRight, I'd be cowering in the corner like Hayley Joal Osment in his little tent. Priest Holmes and Domanick Davis may score big ,but Kerry Collins, Tomlinson, and Burress will score bigger. Gunfighters will win it 70-40.

Put that comeback on the back burner:
Webcats may have won one last week with almost 80 points, but that won't happen this week There are too few good matchups (Roethlisburger and Carolina's D) and too many non-performers *cough* Cadillac *cough*. Even without a defense I think Muse will still be lifted over webcats with Edgarrin and Brunell. Muse to win, 55-50.

Scary thought:
I'm worried about this game. With Gunfighters and Muse getting pretty easy games this week, and me facing the 4th place Giants, if I lose, I may pull a Muse and drop all the way back to 5th HAHAHA, Muse gaining 40 points on me that's great. I'll still be on the outside looking in, and RFTR will likely walk his way to 1st place at the end of the season. Right now I'm a 19 point underdog and that's not good. I had to struggle to fill in my empty wide out slot. I dropped Courtney Anderson because he was about as productive as a....nevermind. BUT WAIT A MINUTE! T.O. out with an ankle sprain? Oh how lovely is that? All in all, the Giants have some over-ratings, but they also have a few under-ratings. I'm going to bite my tongue and play for at least a tie at 70.