Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How Is This Right?

It's illegal to show middle school students porn, but at the same time, it's legal to teach middle schoolers about sex in vivid detail, it's ILLEGAL for a parent to find out if their child left school during class to have an abortion, and now Schools can survey FIRST GRADERS about sex.

Where have parent's rights gone? Seriously the uber-left have taken over in the California courts and seek to destroy the parent/child relationship. So here's something else, I'm not allowed to do so much as take a tylenol without a signed not by my parents, but I can sign out, go to an abortion clinic and end a pregnancy...without them knowing. How messed up is that? What's next? If I get caught shooting up heroine in the bathroom, mom and dad won't know?

In upholding a lower court ruling against the parents, Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt said "no such specific right can be found in the deep roots of the nation's history and tradition or implied in the concept of ordered liberty."

The appeals court noted that other courts have upheld mandatory health classes, a school system's condom distribution program and compulsory sex ed.