Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fascism IS A Left Wing Ideology

I said in a previous post that fascism is not a product of the right wing ideology, but the disowned child of the Ultra Left Wing. I based it on the fact that fascism was total government control, which was a result of the fact that the farther left wing you go, the more government control you support.

Here are some more facts that support the idea of Fascism as a Left Wing Ideology.
  • The reason the Nazis so hated the Jews was the belief that they had poisoned western civilization with the idea of a transcendent
    god who reveals a transcendent moral law. The fascists argued that such
    transcendence alienates human beings from nature and themselves. One
    writer, defined fascism as the practical and violent resistance to
  • According to fascist ideology, individual identity comes only from the group, and since culture determines the individual, theneeds of the culture have priority. Fascism opposes human automony (spelling error...supposed to be autonomy)...
  • As with primitive and animistic cultures, fascism sees man as one with nature. What is generally not known is the fact that this
    doctrine led the fascists to hold a very zealous view of environmentalism.
  • Similarly to Communism, Fascism took control of the economy with the inauguration of many organizations to control output and prices amongst other things.
I will admit that there is one thought that is often given to the Right Wing, which is a sense of Nationalism. But the rest to me seem to follow liberal ideas.
  1. Removal of the idea of an omnipotent God
  2. Belief that a person cannot succeed by themself
  3. An extreme following of environmentalism
  4. Taking control of the economy and businesses

Still think it's a Right Wing Ideology?

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