Monday, May 15, 2006

The Difference

One of the differences between Radical (or even some moderate) Musilms and Christians is in how they react to blasphemy, and how the news reports on the reaction. We all know about the Islamic Cartoons that caused an uproar in the Middle East and Europe. In case you've forgotten, or the MSM has made you think that the people who published the cartoons are the evil ones, let's see some of the reactions from the middle east, shall we?

Not only did the Muslims protest, they descended into violence and threats of murder and suicide bombings of western countries, and the rest of the world bowed down to them in fear.
And when you try to defend the editors, they say, "Those images are offensive and Blasphemous. They shouldn't have been published. We need to apologize to them...blah blah blah."

But what happens when Christians are offended? The Da Vinci Code is a perfect example. The people are outraged (minus the violence and protests) but the reactions from liberals and the media are incredibly differnet. Read this:
"The other element that has surprised me has been the outrage that many people feel about the book. The pope is not a fan of the book and he's not going to be a cheerleader for the movie. Other religious groups are equally aghast. When I was in Indianapolis, I watched a late-night TV preacher demonstrate point by point how inaccurate the book was. Of course, it's inaccurate — it's fiction!
And that's what I don't get. Don't all of those who feel that it's sacrilegious know it's a novel? It's just a story. A guy made it up. It's pretend. Nobody is saying this is a true story.
When religious people in the Middle East condemn a work of art, a cartoon, or a piece of fiction, we label them irrational extremists. How different has some of the reaction to the fictional Da Vinci Code been?
And come on, how offensive do they really think a movie from Tom Hanks and Ron Howard is going to be? "

Have you been living under a stone? Why not label them irrational extremists? If I'm not mistaken, there haven't been threats to hang/burn/behead/blow up Dan Brown, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, or anyone else involved in the movie. The worst that Christians have done is threaten to not see the movie. And we are supposed to take the insults and laugh them off while the radical (and in my opinion crazy) Muslims are damn near applauded for threats of violence? And how about when a cartoon is "accidentally" published showing Jesus performing oral sex on a pig is published? Are we supposed to just bend over and take it? Well here, how about if the cartoon had looked like this? How would the world have reacted to this?