Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Alliance Filthy Lie Assignment

New Filthy Lie Assignment: Class Action Glenn

The Alliance has called us to B.S. report about how Evil Glenn Reynolds has brought up an astounding class action suit.

This suit is going strait to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals where Glenn knows that whacked out lawsuits are sure to be given a good verdict. The lawsuit is suing companies that have served alcohol to people, who then went and did something stupid, and blamed it on alcohol. Forget how the person had the choice to not drink, it was the liquor/beer/wine company's fault for them being so foolish. I even caught Glenn taking notes, as well as beginning filming an infomercial after he read this comment to a post on Autoblog:

It continually amazes me in today's society the lack of responsibility for one's own actions. Anyone and everyone who manufactures anything will always be subject to these types of frivolous lawsuits. Just think, if you were drunk and tripped off a curb and ended up in the hospital, you can sue a number of people.
1. the jeans manufacturer, for making tight fitting jeans.
2. the city, for making the curb too high.
3. the shoe/shoelace manufacturer, for making too long of a shoelace that caused you to trip in the first place.