Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, Aaron's CC has decided to make a blogosphere deck of cards open to nominations from anyone who is a Higher Being, a Mortal Human, a Playful Primate, or a Large Mammal. I am nominating myself as a lowly 2 of well, anything, either diamonds or spades. I don't expect much. My brother wants to be one of the 2 jokers that will be in the deck, and considering I've known him for the past 21 years, I'd say he's a good nomination for it. I will certainly vote for him on that. Also he is elidgable for one of the face cards since he's in the top 500 of the Ecosystem.

So the votes are as follows:
Spades: Monday Nov. 14th
Diamonds: Tuesday Nov. 15th

So in those dates, at least visit Aaron's CC, and if you are for me (c: