Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Everything is going well in the HWC League as far as I'm concerned, RFTR lost to Blue Balls, Giants lost to Shortbus, and Gunfighters squeeked out over The Muse, but hey, he deserves to be where he is.

Well, here's how it all went down. Gunfighters pulled out the win versus Muse. After being down by 6, all he needed was 20 yards and a score with no fumbles from one of his two remailing players. Well, he got it. With 7 points coming from one and 2 from another that sealed a 3 point victory over The Muse, and bumps Gunfighters up to the top spot in the league.

Webcats couldn't catch me. As if that's a surprise. I did however miss out on a 100 point game by playing Keyshawn Johnson instead of Chris Chambers, but oh well, a win is a win. The two losses for Giants and RFTR puts me 2nd in line, 52 points behind Gunfighters...who I'm playing for the second time this season. This game is going to be tough since we both have amazing teams who are out to score big. The last meeting we had was in week 2 where I took the win, 71-55. I'm not expecting nearly that margin of victory, if I win at all...

So let's look at how the standings are this week.

Ouch. First, the fallers...

RFTR dropped to third,Giants fell to 5th, and webcats dropped to 8th

And now for the risers:

Gunfighters jumps up to the lead, I vault from 4th to 2nd, Bentley jumps to 4th, and Blue Balls gets up to 7th.

And just for fun, here's a look at how the playoffs would stand if it were at this moment.

Gunfighters and I would have Bye's the first week, Bentley would face Giants in the top bracket with Gunfighters, and RFTR would face Muse in the lower bracket with me.

And since Vegas was on crack last week, I'll actually post them up this week. (But look for updates later this week)

Gunfighters (7-3) - 4 - Rednecks (7-3)

bRight& Early (1-9) - 2 - Blue Balls (4-6)

Shortbus All-Stars (3-7) - 10 - RFTR (7-3)

Bentley (6-3-1) - 11 - Muse (5-5)

webcats (3-6-1) - 1 - T(v)RWC Giants (6-4)

As usual my in depth analysis will be up some time Wednesday.