Monday, November 14, 2005


The pigs have flown again! Let's take a look at the Monday morning recap of the Hot Wing Conspiracy League.

First off, webcats was feeling rather cocky and left me a comment on my week 9 Monday recap, but I quickly depleted his hopes as Plummer and the rest of the Broncos on my team put a whooping on Oakland. Every one of my Denver boys got endzone...EVEN THE DEFENSE! However I'm still boiling over how many 100 point games I've missed out on this season. This time I benched Chambers against the Pats thinking that Ferrote wasn't going to be much of a play maker, but sure enough, he found Chambers open in the endzone for both of their scores. Either way, with Westbrook and Keyshawn Johnson left to play for me and only Greg Lewis left to play for Webcats, I'm up 78-51. I'm also pissed at the fact that Johnson had 130+ yards rushing and 60 some yards receiving, without a score...but there's more to come on that later.

Then, as expected, Bentley whooped up on bRight& Early. It's 68-44 right now with both teams having one player left. But for the Fonz it's Donovan McNabb who against Dallas can be a hit or miss. But either way, expect Bentley to still come out on top.

Now here's where we start to go crazy...

GUNFIGHTERS IS LOSING (for the moment) That's right, Muse, who had only scored 64 points in the last 2 games, is up 57-51 to Gunfighters. Now Muse is all run out, and it's a last second drive for Gunfighters with a Tight End and a receiver left to play, but if neither of them score, he'll be pretty well out of luck.

And now let's REALLY GO CRAZY!!!!

GIANTS!!! HAHAHAHA! Yes, I know it's dangerous to put the Colt's passing up against the non-existent run defense of the Texans, but apparently Giant's has to be having the worst week ever. That's the second time that he has had Peyton rack up the stats...on the bench and Eli sucked it up. With 297 yards, the touchdowns and only one sack, the Older Manning racked up 21 fantasy points, while Eli had only 291 yards and a score. Oh and did I mention his 4 interceptions and 2 sacks? With only one player over 10 points it's hard to win, even over the formerly last placed Shortbus All-Stars.

Riding on the back of Trent Green's abysmal game, he only scored 16 points! And Trent Green assisted that by putting up stats like 220 yards passing with 3 interceptions and 6 sacks, plus a fumble. If you think I'm pissed about leaving Chambers on the bench, RFTR left 24 points on the bench, and just has to sit there and stare at another loss. That's 3 in a row folks, and why was I so upset about Johnson's stats? Because Green was throwing the ball away everytime they got close! They only scored 3 points in the whole game! I'm not even sure if the Chiefs made it into the redzone this week. Kudos to my brother for putting RFTR down. RFTR will fall in line at least behind me...hehe right where he should be.

Now my wish came true, that the push-over season of RFTR shows that he doesn't have a really great team, just lucky when playing the tougher teams. And now he's lost to one of the lower ranked teams. Will this be a sign of things to come in other places? Will my dream of USC losing to some unranked team come true? I sure hope so...dang Trojans. And if Gunfighters can't pull through tonight...I'll have my crown back!