Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hot Wing Conspiracy Week 11 Preview

It's Wednesday morning and that means it's time for the Hot Wing Conspiracy League Preview for week 11.

Talk about some great matchups. I'm facing off with Gunfighters in I think the second contest to see who should be first. Now I have a habit of losing these types of games as my bout with RFTR showed in week 5. Both teams have some monster matchups, such as on my side, Tory Holt and the Rams facing against the team with their old QB Kurt Warner. You want to talk about an air game. Anyone with receivers and wide outs for the Cardinals and the Rams needs to start them this week. Brett Favre is facing against the Vikings, and even though he had a flawless game with 315 yards and 2 scores, they still lost by 3. But I think with Gado helping, the Pack will come out on top, and give Favre some big points. Also, Larry Johnson against the non-existent rush defense of the Texans...I'm licking my chops right now just trying to imagine how many times he's going to light up the scoreboard. And with Trent Green's wretched game last week, expect Johnson to see the ball all day long. Then there's Denver against the Jets, who were eaten up by Carolina and give up an average of 130+ rush yards per game and 23 points. That'll be dessert! Then there's Gunfighter's matchups. I hate to say it, but Tomlinson looks like he'll rack up a big game, and even though it shows Hasselback as having a decent game, I think that Shaun Alexander will get all those scores. The rest are decent, but not power-houses. Look for this game to be HUGE! I'm going with myself, 95-85.

bRight & Early vs. Blue Balls: Although Blue Balls is my favorite team right now (aside from my own team) for beating RFTR and vaulting me up to 2nd and battling for the crown, and they have a few good match-ups, I can't get over Mark Bulger getting back in the saddle for the Rams. The others look like the TEAMS are easy matchups, but they don't follow the game plan that's going to happen. Like a powerhouse team facing a weak team. The weak team will be passing more to move the ball, where the bigger team will just run them to death. And the players they do have with the right matchup are the lower ranked people in that slot. For this game I think Bulger will be the turning point to give this one to bRight. Sorry bro, you lose 60-55.

RFTR vs. Shortbus: HAHA! I could pray for Trent Green to have another AWESOME game, and give the win to Shortbus, but I'm a realist, and that's not going to happen. Trent Green won't throw the ball away as much this game because I think his throwing is going to be limited. I would suggest putting Carson Palmer in, but him versus the Colts is like walking through a mine field with clown shoes on. Even though Tom Brady is facing the mediocre at best Saints, RFTR's boys will pick up the win because well, Shortbus doesn't really have anyone other than Tom Brady. RFTR by a big margin, 65-30.

Bentley vs. Muse: Muse who had a 2 week drought in weeks 8 and 9, came back last week to scare Gunfighters and almost completely rearranged the standings. And OH-BOY! bentley's the owner of Shaun Alexander. This cat is going to rocket Bentley over 100 points this week since they are facing the 49ers who just plain old are HORRIBLE! They only completed 1 PASS last week vesus the Bears. If it hadn't have been for the running game they would have gotten under 100 total yards. the Bears ran up on them for 172 yards and the only offensive touchdown. One thing though, 49ers redzone defense is great, but I think Alexander will prevail...over, and over again. Muse, I have 3 words for you...Duck...and cover. Bentley whoops up on this one, 105-55. (Oh and'd be wise to but in Drew Bledsoe since Donovan may be out)

And last but not least, webcats and Giants: Well, look at that...Giants has Peyton Manning starting over Eli...I wonder why? Oh, wow, Kurt Warner Vs. Peyton Manning, honestly, with the Cardinals facing the point generous Rams, who also just so happen to be his former team, I know Kurt is going to want to stick it to them as often as he can. The air war is on this week for these two teams. And I'm just looking at Giants reserves, and talk about depleted. Deuce McAllister and T.O. Ouch. Hope that no one on his team goes out otherwise he'll be getting the shaft. I think that Manning and Tiki will be the deciding factor in this match-up that will give the win to the Giants. Giants get the W 65-60.